An Evening Course of One Year in Ecumenism

The Pastoral Formation Institute of the Archdiocese of Malta is organizing a one-year evening course in ecumenism: ‘The Search for Christian Unity’.

This course enables participants to understand the different contexts leading to the various divisions within the Church, the importance of ecumenism, the efforts aimed at healing age-old mistrust among Christians of various Churches, and the initiatives bringing Christians together.

The course starts on November 13th 2020 and ends on June 4th 2021.

More information about the course can be found here:

Last June, the Pastoral Formation Institute organized a webinar during which interested persons had an opportunity to know more about this learning experience from some of the lecturers participating in this course. You can watch the webinar here.

The following two videos shed very interesting light on ecumenism – how it all started, the aims, initiatives and where it is heading.

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