Our Church acquires a liturgical fan (ripidion)

During today’s divine Liturgy (9th October, 2016), our Parish Priest, Rev. Archimandrite George Mifsud, announced that our Church has just acquired a ripidion, that is, a liturgical fan (see photos).

This wooden liturgical fan, with the image of a seraph with six wings on both sides, is the artistic work of the Maltese iconographer Mr Joseph Vella, whose works are to be found in various churches of Malta. During the consecration, the deacon, standing at the Holy Altar, gently waves the ripidion over the Holy Gifts. The use of the liturgical fan goes back to the early centuries of Christianity, when it was used to keep flying insects away from the Holy Gifts. Moreover, the two seraphim of the ripidion signify the union between the earthly divine Liturgy and the heavenly Liturgy celebrated by the Eternal Priest, Jesus Christ. Mr Vella is currently preparing a second ripidion which will be used by a second deacon.

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