The icon of “Our Lady of Damascus”: on its way to a new destination

On Thursday 1st December, the 12th century icon of “Our Lady of Damascus” was brought down from the apse where it has been for the past 60 years. Soon it will be placed in a better location, within our church, where the faithful will be able to venerate it and admire its stunning beauty with greater facility – AT EYE LEVEL! An icon of the Panagia Platytera (“Our Lady who is More Spacious than the Heavens”) has been temporarily placed in the space vacated by the icon of “Our Lady of Damascus”. Plans are being made for this area to be frescoed by professional iconographers some time during 2017-2018. Heartfelt thanks are due to Mr Twanny Spagnol (Heritage Malta) and to Mr Kola Borg, Mr Leli Borg and Mr Mario Borg, of Borg Brothers Removals (Siggiewi), for the professional manner in which they have carried out this delicate operation.

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